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Building Automation

  • Energy Information Management
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Technical Support
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Training
  • Lighting Control

Building System Integration

AEM's products are capable of being attached as a node in any LonWorks® system while simultaneously interfacing with other AEM controllers. Graphical Application Programming and User Interface are accomplished using software running under Windows on an IBM-compatible computer. Additionally, AEM's solutions, and the solutions of its integrators and manufacturers, provide the ability to communicate with, monitor, and control multiple third party control systems and LonWorks systems simultaneously.

Web-Based Building Management

The AEM-MPX - Advanced building automation system and systems integration platform couples the AEM-MPX with AEM's Windows Graphical Programming and Monitoring Software. The AEM-MPX communicates with the AEM designed control system. The AEM-MPX enables two-way communication over a TCP/IP network between the control system and all of the sensors, devices, and other networked systems within a facility. It collects data from multiple sources, including the AEM system that uses disparate protocols to connect systems otherwise unable to intercommunicate, converting the data into a single, widely used format such as Extensible Markup Language (XML), and provides information to the end user in a uniform presentation. It enables users to specify the type and quantity of information they want to receive, and omit anything they consider unessential. In addition, the AEM-MPX is able to receive information through the user application and convert it into commands and data that conform to the protocols required by the facility's sensors, devices, and systems. The AEM-MPX is capable of running multiple services and protocols simultaneously while responding immediately to events generated in the network environment.


With the Building Automation System (BAS) industry moving towards TCP/IP, XML, and ultimately seamless interoperability, integration has become essential. AEM offers integration between numerous new, and existing, disparate systems and offers customized solutions to fit every business need.

Business and Migration

AEM works with each integration problem and creates a customized path to systems openness for your business to concurrently migrate to IT while leveraging your valuable assets.