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State Energy Office

Grants and rebates may be available to health care facilities (not-for-profit facilities) through your State Energy Office. The amount of funding varies, and can range up to as high as 50%.

Local Utility Company Rebates

Some utility companies offer rebates for energy conservation projects. Inquiry should be made to determine if additional funding is available in your area. The amount of funding varies, and rebates may not be available in all areas.

Trade Grant Program

Various Hospitals and Health Care Facilities throughout the United States receive Trade Grant Funding through Hospital Financial Service Corporation (HFSC). Currently, Hospitals planning for capital improvement expenditures to their HVAC and Building Automation/Integration systems may be approved to receive Trade Grant Funding in the form of outright cash grants and other grants that are tied to shared savings programs. Funding between 50% and 100% of the cost for Energy Management System upgrades may be available for approved projects.